Validation on the VAT registration number on MIRO and FB60

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Question from  Shilpa
I was wondering if anyone can assist with the following scenario: If a company has a vendor that has been de-registered /suspended from the Receiver of Revenue, then how can the VAT number be removed from the Master data systematically? Then if the AP processor captures an invoice on MIRO or FB60, the SAP system should alert them not to pay VAT to that vendor until the vendor has provided a Tax Clearance certificate. Then his VAT nr can be replaced in the masterdata file. The system message should tell the person capturing to capture the invoice against vat Code: VN and only the amount without VAT.

My question is: Should one use a validation rule for this scenario and how can it be done? Also what would the best and easiest approach in this scenario?

I would appreciate any valuable suggestions and assistance.


Answer from Desimira

You can create a Validation on Line item level.

Prerequisite: ( BKPF-Tcode = 'MIRO' or BKPF-Tcode = 'FB60' ) and BSEG-LIFNR = 'your Vendor'

Check: empty

message: code VN and only the amount without VAT

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