Re: [sap-acct] PCA Distribution Based On Material Group


In PCA we need distribution based on material group, our scenario is as below. 

1.Materials from 2 different material groups M1 and M2 having Profit center P1 in master data are issued on GL GL1. 

2.The line item report of GL1 and PC1 after material issuance will be as below. 
PC1 --- Material 1 (M1) --- 100 
PC1 --- Material 2 (M2) --- 100 
PC1 --- Material 1 (M1) --- 200 

3. Now we need to distirbute the cost booked in GL1 of PC1 to be distributed on PC2 and PC3 based on the actual material issued. 
PC1 --- Material 2 (M2) --- 100 ---- to be allocated on PC2 
PC1 --- Material 1 (M1) --- 300 ---- to be allocated on Pc3 

But in distribution cycle there is no such criteria a material group, also there is no derivation rule based on material group and substition in PCA is available only for SD. 


Use LIS (Logistic information system) with SKF (Statistical Key Figure)

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