Need an extract for AP invoices booked at header and line level

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Question :
I need an extract from SAP with the following fields  :
Business Area Code
Business Area Name
Vendor Code
Vendor Name
Vendor Type
Invoice No
Invoice Description
Invoice Date
PO Date
GRN Date
Invoice Booked Date
Invoice Amount
Service Tax & Cess amount
TDS Section
TDS deducted
Amount Paid
Payment Date

I need this at Extract at Header and at Line Level.

Which are the tables should I use to get this extract. An early reply will be of very helpful to me.

Thanking you all in advance.

Intercompany customer payment

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Question from Maverick_shaun

Hi Guys,
I need your help about an isue .I am involved in intercompany proejct.we have a US company code which we need to split into 2,3 company codes without creating them as legal entities.I need your help on intercompany customer sale transaction.
Our scenario is standard. IF company A(selling company ) gets an order from a customer XYZ for a product , company B (delivering plant) will shipthe goods to the customer.and in this process, there will be 2 billing document generated 1 for customerXYZ and other intercompany billing doc on company code B as thier open AR.
when company A makes the payment to company B, company B process incoming payments thru F-28 manually.
I am lil confused how accounting entries will be generated? thru config OBYA that I did for company code clg.

could you please explain me about the accounting entries result when we process intercompany customer payment. I will really appreciate your help.



Vendor with more than one reconcilliation account

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Question from  Sharad_Vimadalal

I have a similar situation in that I need 2 accounts. This is because for financial reporting corporate wants to know outstanding receivables by currency and there is one 'bill to' that purchases in 2 currencies. To expedite the month end reporting it is preferable to have 2 accounts that can be sent directly to having to do analysis and dealing with that. The requirements for EDI dictate that we cannot use two bill to numbers when the customer has 1 so my first idea failed.


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