Need an extract for AP invoices booked at header and line level

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Question :
I need an extract from SAP with the following fields  :
Business Area Code
Business Area Name
Vendor Code
Vendor Name
Vendor Type
Invoice No
Invoice Description
Invoice Date
PO Date
GRN Date
Invoice Booked Date
Invoice Amount
Service Tax & Cess amount
TDS Section
TDS deducted
Amount Paid
Payment Date

I need this at Extract at Header and at Line Level.

Which are the tables should I use to get this extract. An early reply will be of very helpful to me.

Thanking you all in advance.

Answer :

In my opinion you have to require an ABAP development (query or quick viewer probably cannot sufficient you).

I try to give you some information about the table to use to extract the data

BKPF - Accounting header
BSEG - Accounting line items
LFA1 - Vendor master data
BSET - TAX Table
T003 - document type
V_T003 - description if document type (take in consideration the language)
EKKO - Purchase order header
EKKN - Purchase order line items

I'm not sure that the list is complete, but most of the information required should be available. If useful please mark as helpful.

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