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Question from Maverick_shaun

Hi Guys,
I need your help about an isue .I am involved in intercompany proejct.we have a US company code which we need to split into 2,3 company codes without creating them as legal entities.I need your help on intercompany customer sale transaction.
Our scenario is standard. IF company A(selling company ) gets an order from a customer XYZ for a product , company B (delivering plant) will shipthe goods to the customer.and in this process, there will be 2 billing document generated 1 for customerXYZ and other intercompany billing doc on company code B as thier open AR.
when company A makes the payment to company B, company B process incoming payments thru F-28 manually.
I am lil confused how accounting entries will be generated? thru config OBYA that I did for company code clg.

could you please explain me about the accounting entries result when we process intercompany customer payment. I will really appreciate your help.



Anserwed by Roy B (SAP Financials Expert)

This goes against best practice. A company code should only ever be a legal entity. There are other ways of handling what the company wants to do, such as Profit Centre. If you want inter-plant markups, these can also be customized. However using company codes when there is only one legal entity is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and I would not support it.

Rgds, Roy

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