Vendor with more than one reconcilliation account

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Question from  Sharad_Vimadalal

I have a similar situation in that I need 2 accounts. This is because for financial reporting corporate wants to know outstanding receivables by currency and there is one 'bill to' that purchases in 2 currencies. To expedite the month end reporting it is preferable to have 2 accounts that can be sent directly to having to do analysis and dealing with that. The requirements for EDI dictate that we cannot use two bill to numbers when the customer has 1 so my first idea failed.


You can define alternative reconciliation accounts for these situations. In
the master data for Vendor or Customer reconciliation account you must
select check box 'Reconciliation Account Ready for Input'. In manual
transactions you can go and change the recon account directly. For other
accounts you may need to explore substitution depending on your business
situation. Also if you are sending IDOCS or batch inputs you can fill-up the
reconciliation accounts properly for each document. In SD alternative
reconciliation accounts can also be set based on various dimensions in Sales
Organization (look up the config for SD account determination).

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