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Posted by Mokashi (Deputy Manager - Infotech SAP)
on Jun 25 at 12:14 PM
Dear Ganesh

Kindly use transaction FS10N, here you can see the monthly debit, credit balances, cumulative balances.

Best Regards
Mukesh Mokashi

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From: Ganesh Suryanarayanan
Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2011 10:48 AM
Subject: Bank book- Opening and Closing Balance

My client wants to pull out data in SAP for Bank GL accounts that they are maintaining, that is they would need the Opening Balance of the GL and the line times that h have been posted for that month, and the closing balance. They are currently using the t- code fbl3n for the line items display. but this is not meeting the requirement as they need to submit the same to the auditors.

I have used the below t-codes
S_ALR_87012311(GL account balance Poland)
? S_ALR_87012311 for the balance wise report, but while i use the above t-codes i do not get all line items to the GL account.
Is there any other std report in SAP, that i can use to meet the requirement.


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