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Posted by VidhyaDhar (User-friendly SAP FI Consultant)
on Jun 30 at 2:26 AM

To explain further, let me quote an example:

You post a vendor invoice using F-43 ( Please do not use FB60) . You enter

Line item 01 : Vendor ( using Posting Key 31 ) Amount 500

Line item 02 : Vendor (Using Posting Key ) Amount 300

Line item 03 Vendor ( Using Posting Key 31 ) Amount 200

Line item 04 Expense ( using Posting key 40) Amount 500

Line item 05 Expense ( using Posting key 40) Amount 300

Line item 06 Expense ( using Posting key 40) Amount 200

Post the transaction.

When you resort to vendor payment ( Partial Payment , you can enter payment
amount of 800, select partial payment tab, select by double clicking Line
items for 500 and 300 and post.

You can see that the invoice ( comprising three line items ) would clear 500
and 300 but retain 200 only still as open.

I suppose this is what you want !



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Subject: Customer Invoice Partial Payment


Your requirement is possible if you create your invoice using the standard
transaction ( complex posting) if your expense line item inputs are broken
down and entered during input.. Thus you can do partial payments as
stipulated by you. I do not think this is possible if you use enjoy



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