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Posted by VidhyaDhar (User-friendly SAP FI Consultant)
on Jun 25 at 1:48 AM

I assume your are working on an Indian Company Code

Have you ensured that you have a house bank with an account ID created
country-specifically and currency-specifically ( viz.INR and India).

Have you ensured that you have created A G L account for the House Bank in
your chart of accounts? ( The G L account should use the same account
currency INR)

Have you furnished the G L account in the House Bank / Acct ID combination
and the House bank /Account ID reference in the related G L ?

Now it is time for you to check APP configuration.

Have you checked if you are using an outgoing payment method which
configured in the payment method per country? Just make sure that the
country specific payment method allows INR as the currency.

Have you ensured that your company code specific payment method is also duly

In the bank determination make sure that

you have configured the house bank/Acct ID with INR as the payment method,
created and assigned sub accounts for bank postings,assigned value
dates,configured available balances for outgoing payments?

Now it is time for you to check your Vendor Master and (or) the related
payment document line items. Have you assigned the payment method ?

As Defyres has pointed out, it is a good idea to activate addtional log ,
look for the exception list and make amends.



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Subject: Error in automatic payment F110

Hello Vaibhav,
As the error note says, you really should activate the additional log using the Additional Log tab. If you look at the information provided there, you will find a very detailed list of steps and checks performed on the data. Quite probably the exact reason why you are encountering the error will be listed there.
Meanwhile, you should also check- does the payment method appear in the customer or vendor master?
- Does your payment method have a different currency defined for use with it?


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