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What I actual need are definitions of these errors?but to answer your questions;

New GL has been configured since go-live in December
They only have USD currency
No changes to GL master records recently - I checked
No I have not run TFC_ADJUST_VZ as I do not know what this does - I did have to run GLCTC0 as we had 101 does that did not hit the new GL
I pulled ALL of the OSS notes in relation to this t-code, read them and saw that they were relevant up to SAPAPPL 60307 which is where we are so I did not pursue any correction applications

Do you know where I can find the actual definitions of these errors and how EXACTLY this report is supposed to work, i.e., the difference between the top and bottom of this report???



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What about the local currencies and have you done any migration or adjusted the configuration for the New GL.

Have you made any GL Master Record changes lately!

You could try running TFC_ADJUST_VZ.

I also did an OSS check and there were a few balancing issues in 2009, so ensure you have the latest patches in your system.

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