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Posted by usmankhalid_sapfico_consultant
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Dear Sitiariyani,

Segment is higher in organization level you can easily understand the difference between them through this example

Let's suppose your company selling 02 product Bikes and Cars these are the profit centers and theses 02 products were sold in 03 cities (segement)

Bikes Car

Karachi xxx xxx

Lahore xxx xxx

Faisalabad xxx xxx

Segmental reporting can be made by:
? Division.
? Product or product line.
? Sales territory.
? Service center.
? Sales Person.
? Store or branch office.
? Domestic or foreign operations.



Total CompanyBIKESCARS
$ 150,000$ 90,000$ 60,000
Less: Variable costs:

Selling and admin.
Total variable costs
Contribution margin
Less: Direct fixed costs
Divisional segment margin
Less: Unallocated common fixed costs
Net income


Division 2CarsBikes
Less: Variable costs

Selling and administrative
Total variable costs16,0007,0009,000
Contribution margin
Less: Direct fixed cost
Product line margin
Less: Unallocated common fixed costs

Divisional segment margin

The segment margin is the best measure of the profitability of a segment. Unallocated fixed costs are common to the segments being evaluated and should be left unallocated in order not to distort the performance results of segments. Note: Segment manager performance is based on all costs directly controllable by the segment manager. All variable costs ordinarily meet the criteria for both measures. The difference usually arises because a fixed cost is directly attributable to a segment but is not controllable by the manager. For example, a profit center manager may have no control over fixed costs of the segment. In a nutshell, control of costs accounts for the major difference between segment manager performance and segment performance

I think u can understand easily

Thanks with Regards

usman khalid

sap fico cosultant @siemens karachi, Pakistan

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We are upgrading from 4.6C to ECC6, what I read we can generate Balance Sheet and Income Statement using Profit Center Accounting and Segment. I would like to know what is the difference between Profit Center and Segment, which one is higher in organization level? And how is the relationship between them?

Our Company have Branch and Business Unit, each Business Unit can have many Branch, each Branch can have many BU.
In what level we should define the profit center or segment?


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