RE:[sap-acct] Bank book- Opening and Closing Balance

Posted by Ganesh Suryanarayanan
on Jun 28 at 12:20 AM
Hi Vidhya,
Thanks for the response, yes I have used both the tcodes to pull out data, and have provided to the client, just that the auditors were looking for a more details for their purpose. So if they are good with the FS10N and FBL3N{ which I am assuming they should be able to get all data for their records} this will help my cause as well:)

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Subject: Bank book- Opening and Closing Balance

Hi Ganesh

FS10N gives you posting period wise opening + debit- credit and closing
balances as summaries whereas FBL3N furnishes the same as document wise
details. Pick the one which you consider as suitable.



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