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Posted by Kanth68 (AGM)
on Jun 25 at 8:45 PM
You are in ECC 6.0 fundamentally we need to understand your organisation structure
Defining each plant as business area may not be the right configuration

in ECC 6.0 Profit center concept is robust
The inherent disadvatages of Business area can be overcome by activating New GL wherein you can get the complete trial balance and ledger
You can use profit center groups to derive a combination of Trial balance
You can use GR55 report to get profit center wise financials
The tax line items can also be seen in the New GL
You can also activate document spliitting
for Reporting purpose you can define Segments and assign the profit centers to the Segments

Remover business area you have basically test it thoroughly
You have deactivate Business area derivation rules in Logistics
In cost center you cannot remove business area need study in detail before removing there are audit implications on the documents posted
If you could come out with the exact requirement possibly we could help

Srikanth S

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Can you first explain what is the problem?



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