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Posted by vaibhav_kaushal (SAP FI Consultant)
on Jun 28 at 7:08 AM
Hi Experts

Thanks for your reply. but I am unable to solve the you all suggested I checked the following thinks.

1- House bank and account id is available
2- Methos method with cirrency IINR is available and assigned in country and company code.
3- G.L. account is available in chart of account.
4- Outgoing balance is available
5- in value date tab is blank
6- House bank and bank key and bank account is available in vendor master data.
7- I observed that this problem is only for Bangalore employes, and for Gurgaon employes the system is picking up payment amount automatically while house bank is same and i also changed the house bank and gave the Bangalore bank as house bank but no effect.
I tell you here that my company is in Guragaon.

Please suggest me what should I check now and also tell how can i activate aditional log. This is the time of monthly closing so I have to solve this issue on urgent basis.

Thanks in advance.

Vaibhav Kaushal

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Subject: Error in automatic payment F110

Hi Experts

I am facing a problem when I am trying to make payment with F110, its not picking up the open item amount I have to manually use the relocate option and give the detail about payment method, house bank and bank key after filling these details its taking the amount but I have to do this for each line item. when I checked the job log I found the error message that why payment is not possible.

Please help me to solve this, thanks in advance.

Payment with currency INR, payment method : No valid payment procedure
Message no. FZ390

The payment program could not find a combination of payment method and house bank account with which the payment can be carried out.

System Response
No payment is generated.

In order to find out which combination of payment methods and house bank accounts were checked and subsequently not used, repeat the proposal run and activate the additional log for payment method selection for the account affected.

Vaibhav Kaushal

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