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What about the local currencies and have you done any migration or adjusted the configuration for the New GL.

Have you made any GL Master Record changes lately!

You could try running TFC_ADJUST_VZ.

I also did an OSS check and there were a few balancing issues in 2009, so ensure you have the latest patches in your system.

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I ran the above reconciliation report for period 5 for my client. The top portion of this report shows no difference yet the bottom of this report shows NUMEROUS line items with the following errors;

Ledger 0L Difference between GL view and Entry View - makes no sense as when I drill into these docs I see both views and the amount are the same

Document Not posted to Any Ledger - yet there is an accounting document associated with the line item

Secondary Index Differs:Account Type D - ?????

Ledger 0L Lien items in General Ledger view but in Entry View - again makes no sense as when I drill into these line items I see both views

I have looked in OSS and Google to see if there are any definitions on these errors but have not been able to find anything so any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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