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Posted by Kathrinek
on Jul 1 at 2:05 AM
Thank Annie. I have checked the settings you suggested on FSE2 and I have done it as such but still get the same results.

Anywhere else I can check.

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From: Kathrinek
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 11:02 AM
Subject: Financial statement version issue

I have defined my FSV and for bank accounts, intercompany accounts and some payroll accounts have configured it so that if the balance is DR or CR the system will reassign it as asset or liability. However where my prior year is DR and the current year is Credit balance then i am getting my balance sheet amounts with a negative sign (as SAP credits have negative sign) and also in brackets.
For example I have a payroll control account balance that is a credit balance and it is now displayed in balances sheet as
Please help me

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