[sap-acct] Devaluation depreciates in 1st month

Posted by eduardosh (FI Consultant / ABAP Developer)
on Jun 27 at 3:51 PM
Hi guys,

I have 2 revaluation movements (positive and negative revaluation) for my assets that post into an independent revaluation area. The problem I've got is that when I use the negative movement, all value of revaluation is set to be depreciated the next month program AFAB runs. I need this depreciation to be posted through the useful life of the asset (as it works for positive revaluation, and the rest of movements), but it does not behave similarly when posting a negative revaluation. Any idea?

Example: I have an asset with 10 year of life.
- If I post a revaluation value of 100, each year -10 is depreciated.
- If I post a revaluation value of -100, next month 100 is depreciated and rest of the usef life does not depreciate anything. I need to depreciate 10 each year.

Thanks in advance.
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