[sap-acct] Unable to create BP for Customer Title Mr.,Ms.

Posted by girig99
on Jun 29 at 9:56 PM
Hi Experts,
I have created BP with customer title 'Company' & +'(blank title)+' and transferred open items and am able to see the worklist too. But if i create a customer with Title, 'Mr' or 'Ms' or 'Mr. and Mrs', the Business partner doesn't get created at all. I checked in MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT, it doesn't show any error message at all.
And if i go to UDM_BP for the existing BP, I can see only the title 'Company' only, nothing else. I don't why I am not able see other titles.

I am not sure what am i missing or messed up, could somebody help me on this, everything works perfect, expect with these titles.

Additionally for the existing BP, if i change the address in the UDM_BP, the address doesn't get updated in Customer master like FD03/XD03...

Thanks in advance

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