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You need to understand the integration and COPA for this purpose and detail analysis:

Sales Order and Material number are auto derived by system as Characteristics values due to FI-MM-SD Integration. You need not derive these values to COPA.

Let me explain you with one example:
Sales Order: 10001
Material Number: XY
Company Code: 111
Controlling Area: 222
Customer: ABC

Value fields:
Turnover: $1000
Cost: $600
Qty: 10

Now using the above information, you can design a report in KE30 where you can find the profitability as below:
Sales order: 10001 (Column)
Units: 10 (rows)
Turnover: $1000 (rows)
Cost: $600 (rows)
Profit: $400 (rows)

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Thanks for your reply sekhar,
Here again I have some doubts. How the system will determine the sales order profitability what is the field value. Shall I give for Material based Characteristic and also how the system will determine the Material wise profitability.

Thanks & Regards

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