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Posted by SekharSan
on Jul 4 at 12:37 PM
Try to config depr area for parallel currency using Tcode: OADB.
You can copy depr area for book depr but only change the field for posting to GL to be 0 (No values are posted in General ledger).

Then, assign the parallel currency depr area to asset classes. Tcode: OAYZ.
Determine the useful life for the classes and the layout.

Also, OAYO, OAYJ, OAY2, OAYI, menu path: >SPRO > Asset Accounting > > Valuation >FY > Specify Other Versions on Depreciation Area Level

OABT config fill up:
(1) Currency type: the grp curr.
(2) Choose the appropriate for column ValAd
(3) Column IdAPC : ticked
(4) Choose the appropriate for column Ttr
(5) Column Idnt : ticked.

Check this weblink which might be helpful:
6268&p=609039&hilit=AC496&sid=7f941f40 11879b32ff5618b752c2b85e#p609039


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U have to create separate depreciation area for foreign currency.

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