RE: RE:[sap-acct] Reposting via KE26 did not impact at COPA report

Posted by SekharSan
on Jul 19 at 8:31 AM
It is not possible to change the value field posting using KE26. In my view you should follow this:

Step1: Post a COPA document Reverse in KE21N manually with the same characteristics (like original doc) but with reverse sign for old value field. This will reverse the original document per se. Make sure to run the report and confirm the reversal.

Step2: Change the value field mapping in Kei2 to by assigning a new value field (Say commission in your case)

Step3: Post another COPA document in KE21N manually with the required characteristics and value field. Run the report and the values should appear in new value field or required column.


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From: Vaani
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 6:23 AM
Subject: Reposting via KE26 did not impact at COPA report


When user repost, he only entered the PA segment details but no mentioned which column it should be in KE30 (COPA REPORT).

How could we tell system that the reposting should be in Commission column. If the transaction is coming from SD, I can map condition type to value field.

If Direct FI posting, in KEI2, I can mention the group & value field. But the reposting at CO level, where do I put the mapping.

Please advice.

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