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Posted by SekharSan
on Jul 15 at 2:06 AM
Hi AV,

Who prints the Checks, the business user or the Bank?
If you are printing check, then Check number is generated and updated in FCHN (Check register) based on the check lot number or from the PAYR table. You have to design custom program to fetch the data based on the format provided by the Bank.

Then you can design a custom Idoc format and map the data to that format and then outbound the file after encryption based on the algorithm provided by the Bank.

If Bank prints the checks and forwards to Vendors, then I guess you need not maintain the check lot, you just need to provide necessary information in that format.

Sekhar Rao

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Subject: Check payments through Idoc

Hello All,

I have a requirement to send the Checks payments through an Idoc to Bank. I know that I have to use RFFOEDI1 program to generate an Idoc, but, how can I maintain the check lots & check information using this program? Please suggest.

Thank You.

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