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Posted by jim
on Jul 13 at 1:49 AM
Not sure I fully understand the requirement.

Why don't you check the config and see how it's configured? Also if you look in CXCD and Test Original List for a euro company you can expand the result and check what exchange rate is being used against tcurr in SE16. Some group accounts will be translated at the average monthly rate, others at the period end rate, equity at the historic rate.

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From: Amy A
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Subject: Currency translation adjustment validation in SAP

Hi Friends,

Does anyone know how to validate CTA posted by currency translation task in EC-CS for the foreign subsidiaries whose functional currency (For example, Euro) is different than group currency (For example, USD). What I mean is Currency translation adjustment needs to be validated for audit purpose. It is a kind of method of translating two months balance sheet at current rate where some of the items such as equity are translated at historical rate to arrive at validation of the figures in the system. I heard from Finance that SAP has a different method of translation than Oracle and other system and hence, CTA validation is difficult. Want to know is there any method to validate CTA posted by SAP which is acceptable to auditors generally?



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