Re: [sap-acct] Error in reverse settlement CJ88 SAP module PS

Posted by steven_ding (Seniot FI/CO consultant )
on Jul 4 at 9:40 PM
Maybe the FI document number is duplicate.
1 check the current document number by tcode :FB03,
u choice document list,and u can find the lastet document number.
2 check the config fi document number by tcode:FBN1.
you must keep consistent 1&2.
try it!


---------------Original Message---------------
From: Jaime Calderon
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 2:00 PM
Subject: Error in reverse settlement CJ88 SAP module PS

HI Evryone! I have a problem with an error that appear when I am triyin to reverse a settlement on a WBS element, but I can not understand why and how can I solve this issue.

When I try to reverse by trans CJ88 I got a message like this "receive the error message AAPO 158 (Reversal is not possible; duplicate internal document number"

The number of accountant document does not reset (FBN1)

Does any body can explain the error and how to fix if?... Please Help me!...
Thank you.

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