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Posted by Rameshdhanawade
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Hi Manish

In the previous year (FY 10-11) depreciation is charged for one day.
You can debit Rs.55000/- to vendor and credit Rs.55000/- to ambulance (Vehicle)
account with capitalization date of 1st April 2011
and run the depreciation for April, May and June-11. There will be a problem of
one day depreciation only which do not make much matter.
You just convey your auditor because in such scenario, we have to make this kind
of adjustment.


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Subject: Excise refund received after capitalising asset

Dear All,

During the month of May -2011, we capitalsied asset called Ambulance
for Rs. 5,50,000/- (capitlisation date 31.March, 2011)

After two months we have received Excise refund of Rs. 55,000, which
was paid while buying Ambulance.

This Excise refund was credited to vendor account.

Now I have to Debit vendor and credit Asset account.

I have to reduce cost of Asset

I have not posted Depreciation on Books from April-11 onwards.
How to Proceed.... Please help.

best regards,
Manish Mahendra Sanghvi
98208 83148

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