Re: [sap-acct] FI validation based on document header

Posted by PSD Rajan (Solutions Architect)
on Jul 13 at 11:42 AM
This issue is already closed. There is nothing wrong with the original
validation logic.

Quoting the poster: The problem was that I created a new validation whereas
I had to do a *new
step*, since only one validation can be active per call up point.

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From: Louis Corato
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 11:18 AM
Subject: FI validation based on document header

It could also be a matter of where you're asking it to do the checks. This is a question to the group as much as to the requestor: can the validation look at the header information if it's being called at the line item level? The validations we have don't mix the header and line item inputs. Not sure if there's a reason for that, or, we just didn't have the requirement to do that. - Lou

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