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Posted by SekharSan
on Jul 15 at 1:57 AM
Hi Nagarjuna,

Follow the below steps:

Step1: Identify the Turnover/Revenue GL where you intend to input quantity
Step2: In that GL account field status group, make sure the field 'Quantity' is either optional or required under 'Assignments' tab.
Step3: The Cost element category of the GL account should be either 11 or 12 (COPA enabled)
Step4: In the FI-PA transfer structure (Transaction Kei2), for the Turnover or Revenue GL (as identified above), assign two value fields as below:
A: Assign a revenue Value field
B: Assign a Sales Volume as Quantity Value field
Step5: In the transaction posting, input the rev/TO amount and Quantity either in FB70 or FB01 transaction.

If SD-FICO is enabled, then you need not do the above setup, qty value flow as per the integration setup.

Sekhar Rao

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From: Nagarjuna Reddy
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2011 12:27 AM
Subject: GL with Quantity

Hi All

I want to know how to create a GL account with the QUANTITY details also in

How to go about this can you please help me.

Sai Ram
Nagarjuna Reddy.A
9986078513 - Bangalore

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