RE: [sap-acct] Manual Post to GL account mark as 'allow for auto posting only'

Posted by SekharSan
on Jul 29 at 6:51 AM

Is this customer account a reconciliation account or a normal account?
If it is a reconciliation account, though you un tick 'Post Automatic', system doesn't allow you to post. You should use sub-ledgers to post the data to that GL.

If the GL is a non-reconciliation account, you can untick 'Post Automatic' option for the time being, post the required data and revert it back.

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From: laylaismail
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2011 5:50 AM
Subject: Manual Post to GL account mark as 'allow for auto posting only'

Dear expert,

I want to make an adjustment to customer account and here is the issue. I would like to post this adjustment to a GL account that mark as "allow for auto posting only". In this case, can I untick the check box at the GL account (FS00) and then post manually. And after untick the check box: "allow for auto posting only", can I tick it back. This GL account is customer GL account.

Thank you very much.


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