Re: [sap-acct] New field for F-43 transaction for additional date

Posted by aroraankur
on Jul 12 at 2:43 AM

Even I had the same requirement but I did it using FI substitution and there

In that exit I used a function module to call for an POPUP where user will
input date and that date I have updated in the XREF2 field. The same field
is available in the FBL1N/ FBL3N reports also.

The function module you need to use is POPUP_GET_VALUES. Tell your ABAPer
to use this. and in OBBH you need to specify the condition. and The
substitution you need to give as exit.

Ankur Arora

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From: Rifki Fauzan Reza
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Subject: New field for F-43 transaction for additional date

Hi Anna,

When you finished configure the field status groups with enabling the field, You will need to set it into GL account in company code level or COA level which is a part of invoice journal.
Then When you go to enjoy transaction screen and you filled in the account, you will be able to use that field.

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