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Posted by Suryam SL
on Jul 25 at 7:54 PM
Dear Mr. Raheem
If you are planning to carry out from HDFC Bank, then, there is a ready made
solution being provided by HDFC themselves (free of cost) which would sit in
SAP and extract the data.
It creates an encrypted file which can be uploaded into HDFC bank site
System automatically recognizes the amounts of less than Rs.2 lakhs and more
than Rs.2 lakhs and also amounts relating to direct credit in case the
Vendor account with HDFC Bank.

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From: Raheem Baksh
Sent: Friday, July 22, 2011 9:10 AM
Subject: Payment advice

Hi Expert
My client requirement Is -
For Vendor Payment - After payment run in F110 output file is required in RBI Adaptor format to upload the payments thru RTGS & also payment advice should be sent to vendor thru E Mail
1 We are in process of making the payments to vendor thru RTGS/NEFT thru HDFC Bank or SBI
2.If the payment amount is more than Rs 200000/- then payment mode is RTGS & if the amount is less then Rs 200000/- then NEFT
3.We will not issue the cheques to vendor instead we will send the money thru RTGS/NEFT.
4.There is specific file given by HDFC bank to upload the payments -"RBI ADAPTOR FILE"
5.Format of payment advice enclose. (Pl refer sheet "Bank Transfer")

Thanks & Regards
Raheem Baksh

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