Re: [sap-acct] Post in Vendor A/c with Special G/L. Salary AdvanL

Posted by Shinu (Mr)
on Jul 27 at 11:44 PM
Hello Every one

No one is able to give a Clear Explanation or Configuration on FI HR

Forget about my Doubt, But can any one tell me How salary advance Process
happening in SAP. I mean FI HR Integration Process.

I made the configuration in such a way that it will trigger the employee
vendor individually instead of trigeering and posting Total advance

1. Created all Employee as Vendor

2. Created Special GL indicator for Salary Advance

3. Assigned salry advance Recon A/c in indicator...

4. Released advance through F-48..

5. Month end, regular payroll, addvance is adjusting from employee vendor.

6. But it is not posting to Salary advance GL recon, cause Special GL
Indicator Seletion is not there in HR Config..

7. But it is posting to the Reocn A/C of Employee Vendor master (Recon A/c
in FK01 - Employee vendor)

This is my Config and this is My issue..........

I am expecting adjustment at the time of payroll on Salary adavnce Gl
instead of Other Recon in vendor master...........

If any one faced same issue, please provide some solution.........

Or Guide me How it is happening in Other Companies......;

whether it is posted to On salary Advance GL which is not a Reoc A/C


It is posting employee vendor Wise the way i did


is there any other Standard Process in SAP For Salray Advance...........



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From: s ravindra acharya
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 9:18 AM
Subject: Post in Vendor A/c with Special G/L. Salary AdvanL

Dear Sir,

I am sending you the configuration steps for Sp GL indicator. It is not for
salary, it is for

Please go through the spets, it will help you to understand.


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