Re: [sap-acct] Purchase document allocated to asset

Posted by VidhyaDhar (User-friendly SAP FI Consultant)
on Jul 21 at 7:58 AM
Hi Zunaid

I can understand your curiosity to have your problem solved.

However, it is always helpful, while posting a thread, to furnish complete
details of your problem including the error message you are getting and so
on. There may be many reason(s) for an error occurring and further
investigation is possible if and only if the related details are available.
One cannot even analyze/arrive at any opinion or conclusion of what might
have gone wrong unless details are furnished. Hope you understand



---------------Original Message---------------
From: zunaid hingora
Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2011 5:16 AM
Subject: Purchase document allocated to asset


While doing Down payment request (f-47) for vendors above error is arising. We are using 6.0 version.

I have added the Asset Class in OAYB Tcode. But still the error is coming.

Can you please anybody help me?

Thanks in Advance


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