Re: [sap-acct] SAP cancellation goods receipt after posting unplanned delivery cost

Posted by Nagarjuna Reddy (Junior FI Consultant)
on Jul 6 at 5:02 AM

What i have understood from this is that you wanted to change the document
for the canceling the document & update it as u mentioned. Right

So what i was thinking is that you can go to Change the Document over there
you can create a line item for the current transaction.

So if i am wrong please correct me so that i can come to know what is


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Subject: SAP cancellation goods receipt after posting unplanned delivery cost

Hix hix
I used subsequent debit.
credit AP: 10
debit stock account: 10

After doing subsequent debit for unplanned delivery cost I must cancel goods receipt document, the SAP system has accounting movement as follow:
credit stock: 110
debit GRIR: 110

But my customer want that it must be accounted as below:
credit stock: 100
debit GRIR: 110
credit XXX: 10

I also Configured How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted with The amounts determined are posted in a separate line for each item BUT its result is subsequent debit can't debit for stock account, it debits for another account, therefore when goods receipt again, the cost of goods sold can't involve the cost of subsequent debit. My purpose is that when goods receipt again, its cost of goods sold = 11 usd/ pc (= (100 + 10)/10).


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