RE: [sap-acct] SAP Naming Convention Reports - Y_DEV versus S_ALR

Posted by Dave Thornburgh (SAP JOAT)
on Jul 13 at 6:52 PM
Jamie -

The name Y_DEV is actually in the customer namespace - it's not likely SAP would use that naming.

I've never heard officially about the S_ALx_nnnnnnnn transactions. My best guess goes something like this:
In an earlier version of R/3, these thousands of reports did not have their own transaction codes. Instead, they were arranged into "report trees", which you had to navigate to find and run the report. This eventually proved to be unsustainable, because the report trees were confusing, redundant, and proved a huge challenge to Security teams who needed to maintain granular authorizations. When the decision was made to give each report a T-Code, there was nobody stupid enough at Walldorf to take on the task of assigning meaningful, mnemonic transaction codes. So, they categorized them into a few meaningful prefixes (S_AL0, S_ALN, S_ALR), set up number ranges for the suffix, and let 'er rip. Now, these reports can be run from the command box, added to the favorites list, authorized individually, and so on. And the crowd roared (not nicely at first, I've heard).


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Subject: SAP Naming Convention Reports - Y_DEV versus S_ALR

Does anyone know the meaning behind when SAP names a report Y_DEV versus S_ALR?

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