Re: [sap-acct] TDS is getting calculated twice @ the time of invoice & payment.

Posted by amardhawade
on Jul 29 at 8:21 AM

This is the easy answer for the given question and it is working.
At the time of making payment, we click the tab"process open items".
When we select the particular open item for payment, the system
automatically deduct TDS and shows the net payable amount.

In this case, we need to doubleclick "Withholding Tax" Tab and there you
find tds amount payable column with edit option. so in that tab we need to
delete the amount calculated by the system or put zero and continue the
other process. This will definitely solve the problem instead of every time
modifying the Master data.


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Subject: TDS is getting calculated twice @ the time of invoice & payment.

You should maintain withholding tax in vendor master data in the following manner..
Set with Holding Tax Code for 0% for Withholding Tax at the time of invoice posting so that you can change the Tax percentage during the time of invoice posting.

There is no need to set any Tax code for Withholding Tax at the time of payment posting during vendor maintenance

I will give you one example for this:-
With Tax Type WithHol Tax Code
Z1 50( for 0% Tax)
Z2 -

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