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Posted by Roy B (SAP Financials Expert)
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The distributor is a customer in your books, so put a payment method for outgoing payments (by bank transfer, for example) in his master record and make sure you have his bank details. Then you can pay him using the automatic payment program with F110.

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Hello All,

Thanks a lot for your responses. I think I did not explained the process properly earlier. Let me re-do it again.

We have a scenario where we sell our products to our Distributors let's say for $100. Now, this distributor sells those products to an end customer for $120. Now, the end customer will directly remit the $120 payment to us. Here, we need to clear the receivables of Distributor for $100 and the remaining $20 should be paid to the distributor. I am wondering how this can be accomplished in SAP.

Thank You.

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