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Posted by srividyasripathy
on Jul 18 at 2:48 AM

Not sure which chart of depreciation you have copied. The background is that even if you dont define some depreciation areas, they will be populated (like if you have multiple currencies, depreciation area in group currency will be populated). Thus, you have to maintain this depreciation area in?your chart of depreciation.


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From: Unni Nair
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 7:46 PM
Subject: Unconfigured Depreciation Area

I had defined Depreciation Areas 01, 60, 61, 62, 64.
But when I as trying to specify rules for transfer of APC values using TC OABC an unconfigured Depreciation Area 51 cropped up. And that is preventing me from going any further with the following message: Depreciation Area 51 not defined in the Chart of Dep/. The detailed message appears as follows:
Depreciation area 51 in ch.of dep. Z999 not defined
Message no. AC526
The function module FIAA_WRTAFB_CHECK/FIAA_PARAFB_CHECK checks depreciation area 51 in chart of depreciation Z999. However, this depreciation area is not contained in the table listing all the depreciation areas (T093/T093A) which the module checks.
Inform your system Administrator.

Can any Gurus throw some light on this? And advise how to get rid to this Area 51?

Thank you.

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