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Posted by Roy B (SAP Financials Expert)
on Jul 1 at 5:06 AM
I had this problem in an international group. A consultant rolled out asset accounting the easy way, by simply copying the Chart of Depreciation from country to country. In doing so he copied the account determinations so all were using the same. No problem with that except that if you changed anything in one it affected all. I solved it by copying the account determinations to country-specific ones, i.e. with new names per country. It was a lot of work (I got a junior to help with it), but it meant we were able to use different accounts in different countries such as USA or Spain where the GAAPs are different. Obviously we kept as much as possible harmonized, but we could then cope with minor variations required by local laws.

Rgds, Roy

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Only had a quick look at your issue and you didn't answer Vidhya's question - why?

Maybe consider having two account determination rules for each of the double GL account requirements.



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