Re: [sap-acct] Validation for FI document

Posted by karkkonstant (Consultant)
on Jul 12 at 5:44 AM
I want to have in document type TD only specific accounts.

The users can post in this document type various GL accounts whereas we wish
to post (in TD) only the specific accounts.

What do you propose?

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From: Vidhya Dhar
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 5:10 AM
Subject: Validation for FI document


Validation at document level uses numeric functions such as sum() , min(),
max() etc. Try writing your validation at line item level ( call up point
should be at line item level).

Yet , there is something I fail to understand. What exactly is your

If your Prerequisite namely Document Type = "TD" turns out to be true

and the check includes a set of G L Accounts as defined in your set ( True)

Then what it is it that you want to do? What is the message you want to
issue ?

If both pre requisite and check are true, then there is no validation.

Validation issues a message if and only if the pre requisite is true and
check is false. But your validation procedure has a both the pre requisite
and check as true. Moreover, you have written it at document level ( which
is usually used only where there are numeric functions involved).



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