Re: [sap-acct] Vendor Cash Discount for Italy

Posted by Nagarjuna Reddy (Junior FI Consultant)
on Jul 14 at 2:28 AM

When we go to the transaction path as :

SPRO / Financial Accounting / Financial Accounting Global settings /Tax on
ales\Purchases /Basic Settings / Check Calculation Procedure / Define

Over here when we define the Tax codes for Purchases & Sales we have to
define the tax codes perfectly than only the Tax code error will not come &
when we do the GL we should define the Tax code which we defined earlier. So
that it will take the exact tax code & the entry will not come with

If i am wrong or Right please correct me please....


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Subject: Vendor Cash Discount for Italy

You know what, I found a validation rule for Italy... now I need to ask to someone why we have this validation rule.

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