RE:[sap-acct] Accounting document not generated while doing WIP calculation

Posted by SAP_EZ (Accounting Consultant learning SAP)
on Jul 4 at 1:01 PM
Use FB03 to check for financial documents.

Can sort by expected document type, entry date (literal system date, by user name, by fiscal year, by posting date, etc.

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From: Ganesh Suryanarayanan
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 10:42 AM
Subject: Accounting document not generated while doing WIP calculation

Hi all,
I am running the WIP calculation by using the t-codes KKAO, KKS1 AND CO88 but end of it i do not have any accounting documents generated- so can you help me as where i would need to check for the same.
As far as i know, the accounting documents will get generated in C088, and the postings will happen, but not sure as why this i not happening- or how do i check if the documents have been created/posted.


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