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Posted by jbraganas
on Jul 6 at 1:43 AM
Thank you for all the problem was already solved..I did not do the manual procedure..instead i check if the depreciation run are all complete for all period and i found out that there is one asset that was acquired on period 13 of fiscal year 2009. and no depreciation run was made for that particular period. Hence, what i did was run depreciation for period 13 of fiscal year 2009 then do the AJAB for 2009 ang AJRW for 2011...and i's a success !!...thanks once again........

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Subject: AJAB and AJRW matter

Hello, I have questions regarding AJRW and AJAB...I execute AJRW for certain company but have an error stating "Fiscal year change in co.code 2000 possible only after year-end closing 2009"...So what I did was I executed AJAB for Fiscal year 2009... Upon test run...there was no error, so i proceed with the actual run through execute in background...When i look at SM37, it shows that the jib was finished...but when I execute again the AJRW since the 2009 fiscal year was already close, it states the same error the the fiscal year 2009 should be close?...When i go back to seems that it was not close...Why is it not close when in fact i already executed the AJAB and even finished it already when i look it at SM37? What I am going to do with this? Is it possible that although i executed the AJAB and even untick the test run still the fiscal year 2009 does not close? Please help me...What I am going to do....I already repeat the process 5 times....AJAB for f
iscal year 2009 then AJRW for fiscal year 2011...still the error of "Fiscal year change in co.code 2000 possible only after year-end closing 2009" still the same...Help me please....Thank you in advance...

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