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Posted by lisalim (consultant)
on Jul 26 at 5:43 AM
Hi Waza,

Yes, we have JV functionality turned on. The requirement to allocate the WHT expense back to original cost center is due to JV as well.. Any advise if this is the best practise? Or should I do a substitution at the document item level? My concern with substitution is: it hits only the FI document. Tthis would result in inconsistency between my FI and CO and maybe JV reporting?

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Subject: Allocate expense back to original cost center

Hi experts,

In our implementation for WHT, for scenario where the WHT is borne by the recipient (instead of the vendor), we post to a WHT expense account. This can be done, without any issue if we assign a default cost center to the P&L account (via OKB9).

Dr Vendor 2000.00
Dr WHT expense 100.00
Cr Bank clearing 2000.00-
Cr WHT acc 100.00-

However, the requirement is to charge it back to the original cost center. How could we allocate from the default cost center to the original cost center (base on actual expense incurred)? We were thinking to use GJ90 COAC. But I am not very familiar with GJ90 and if there will be any unforseen impact. Would this result in any issue?

And if it is doable via GJ90, then is there any report from FI which I can see the posting to original cost center?

Any advise is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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