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Posted by SAP_EZ (Accounting Consultant learning SAP)
on Jul 27 at 11:31 PM
My experience is that an internal order or a WBS element on the Origin tab of the sender or receiver asset will override the Time-dependent tab parameters for that half of an ABUMN.

A possible work-around:
Reverse the transfer using AS08

Remove or replace the internal order temporarily with one having acceptable accounting parameters. After ABUMN is completed, restore the internal order if you wish.

I hope to read about other solutions, as I do not like this manipulation.


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From: smookens
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Subject: Asset Transfer

We have a requirement to transfer assets. The transaction code used is
ABUMN. The assets have Internal Order assigned in the master data. The new
asset has a new Cost Center in the master data and the internal order
reference as in the old asset. The issue is when we check the entry after
ABUMN, it is seen that the Internal Order profit center is taken and
business wants to take the New assets's Cost Center - Profit Center. Is
there a way we could do it through config? Or should I try some substitution
to get this?

Thanks in advance.

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