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To follow on from Roy. You need to review a lot deeper, find the original paper / document and review with the Accountants and the auditor. Note it does not matter the FS was done outside of SAP - for which is common anyway. That fact of the matter is that SAP is the register ledger for the FS.

Here in China for example you have to register your Financial System to the local authorities.

Lastly, as one of the great fathers of IT said "The first to the keyboard will be the last to leave".



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Dear friends,

My client has a debit balance on one of the vendor accounts dating back to 2000 and 2004 respectfully. During those years the financial statements were not drawn/created in SAP. subsequently these balance are not on the company books but in SAP. Recent years financial statement version was created and we can get our statements from SAP.

Question is how do I write off these amounts?
This is what the postings look like.
St Assignment DocumentNo Type Doc. Date S DD Amount in local cur. Clrng doc.
20000731 100011014 ZZ 31.07.2000 24,974.00
20000731 100011014 ZZ 31.07.2000 306,704.50
20000731 100011014 ZZ 31.07.2000 4,292.27
20041022 1800005047 DR 22.10.2004 252,812.49
20000721 100010379 SA 21.07.2000 23,240.00-

Thanking you in advance for your help

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