RE:[sap-acct] Cost Center not populating in FAGLFLEXT

Posted by Miguel Sanchez
on Jul 16 at 12:25 AM
Hi Sujoy,

Yours is an old requirement, but I found the same problem.
Could you finally confirm if this is the std behaviour for revenue elements in field FAGLFLEXT-RCNTR


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From: debonly2001
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 7:19 PM
Subject: Cost Center not populating in FAGLFLEXT

We are implementing ECC4 and using the new ledger
table FAGLFLEXT in FI-GL component.
We are using the config. 'Assign Scenarios and
Customer Fields to Ledgers' and used scenario
"FIN_CCA" in ledger 0L.So we are expecting Cost center
to get populated in FAGLFLEXT. Whate we are seeing is
that system is populating the Cost center (RCNTR)
correctly as long as the Cost element category=1 in
Cost element master. We also have Revenue elemnt which
are marked as 11. Those cases the RCNTR is NOT getting
populating at all in FAGLFLEXT.
Is the new GL table FAGLFLEXT is designed not to
populate RCNTR against Revenue elements? We have moved
to QA server and will be useful if you can tell me
about this discrepency as FAGLFLEXT-RCNTR should get
populated for any type of Cost element just like BSEG.
As this is only summarization of the line item tables.


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