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Posted by VidhyaDhar (User-friendly SAP FI Consultant)
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Further to my reply, I would like to state a little more. Basically there are two default screen lay outs tied up to depreciation areas of asset classes (1000 at main number level and 2000 at sub number level ) . If upon trying T Code OAYZ and double clicking depreciation area(s) of the asset class at stake and you see 1000 as the screen lay out, then you might further observe that your sub number is incapable of being edited. However, if you change the screen lay out rule to 2000, then you can change the depreciation start date for the subnumber manually. . After saving the changed screen lay out for the asset class, you could proceed to edit your asset master record ( viz. sub number ) as correctly mentioned by Mr. Ramakrishnan Shanmugam.

However, please let me forewarn you that this is a major change at client level ( viz. asset class level ) andI would suggest that you please do it with the concurrence and supervision of a senior consultant ( as screen layouts might have been pre-fixed with a purpose and you do not want to disturb such purpose).



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Subject: Different capitalization date for sub-asset within the same year with main-asset capitalization date

Hi experts,

We have a main asset with capitalization date 14.1.2011. After some month using, we have upgraded the asset on 20.06.2011. We need to create a sub-asset with capitalization date 20.06.2011. But system will default capitalization date with the main asset. When we chose Post-Capitalization, it was required to have capitalization date earlier than 2011. How can we set capitalization date of the sub-asset 20.06.2011?

Thank you very much!
Dau Hai

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