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Posted by RTUCCELL (SAP Expert FI/CO/MM - Helpdesk / Trainer)
on Jul 6 at 12:20 PM

First of all verify if TXT formats given from the banks are accepted from SAP, for sure from PDF file you cannot make any upload.

In our company ABAP created a set of Z programs (depending from formats of files) to convert different bank format to unique one (multicash). Then treasury upload the result file.

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From: shubham agarwal
Sent: Monday, July 04, 2011 2:23 AM
Subject: Directly uploading bank statement with formatt other then MT940

Hello Experts,
I have a requirement that I need to upload bank statement directly into SAP.
I have almost 30 banks configured but problem is not all of them gives MT940 format and if I am going for multicash format then my client does not want to create any excel file himself and then upload that.
Some banks refuse to give statements in MT940 format as they does not support that format.
The statements which bank gives are in PDF or text format.

So, Is it possible to upload bank statement directly if format is other than MT940?
Is there any other format I should demand from Banks?
Do I need to develop Z report for this functionality, If yes, Then please guide?

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