RE:[sap-acct] Error in using ABUMN for transferring of asset

Posted by SAP_EZ (Accounting Consultant learning SAP)
on Jul 19 at 11:16 PM
Try AB08 to reverse asset transactions.

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From: Shi Pai
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 7:15 AM
Subject: Error in using ABUMN for transferring of asset

Hello All,

We have a situation where the asset was Goods Receipt in wrong asset number and asset class. I have to transfer the asset using ABUMN from wrong asset to an existing asset. However, when I tried to simulate the transaction in ABUMN I am getting below error:


Message no. AA318

Transactions have been posted to asset 600001 0 with an asset value date or posting date later than the retirement date 08/18/2010.

System Response
Complete retirement with subsequent transactions is not possible.

You have the following options:

Change the asset value date or posting date.
Post only a partial retirement.
Reverse the subsequent transactions.

I have tried to change the asset value date later than what the error says but I am not successful.

Appreciate your immediate response.

Thank you all.

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