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WBS is preferred over cost center because of the following advantages.

WBS can hold plan values for more than one year. It can have a structure to represent the elements of expenditure in addition to Cost Elements. Budget approval and monitirng for Management committees are facilitated. In the initial stages, all costs incurred are classified into Exploration and development which are capitalized. This can be easily achieved by settling the WBS to EXP and DEV and still you can continue to book expenses in the next period to WBS.


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Hi SAP Gurus,

We need urgent help to make decision's on some key issue's. SAP is being used in our company for many years, currently being on Release 4.6C and planned to upgrade to ECC.5.0 (ERP 2004) this year. In addition, we are also looking to implement SAP-JVA. It will help us to get the lessons learned from the experts to get the right decisions. We are looking for your expert opinon on few of the items given below:

There is a proposal to use WBS's instead of Cost Center's. Uptill now we have been using cost center's. What are the advanatages/ disadvantages of using WBS's inplace of Cost Centers? Does SAP recommend to use WBS's instead of Cost Centers as part of JVA process?
As part of the business modeling, we are looking into the present GL accounts/Cost Elements, etc. Seems like there are certain GL accounts/Cost Elements which are not in use, in addition there is need for new accounts. Would it be a good idea to do the changes in the current system before implementation of JVA or once we go live with JVA?

Appreciate, feedback ASAP.



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